Thursday, October 22, 2009

What are Sensors?


A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and coverts it into a signal that can be identified by an instrument. Sensors have variety of uses in almost all instruments that we come across in our everyday life. It has innumerable applications in cars, machines, elevators, aerospace, medicine, manufacturing etc. Sensors are to be designed even to measure minute readings. If its size is maintained to be small, it has various advantages. Technologically it adds variety of applications.

All sensors need to be calibrated against known standards. Resolution of a sensor is used to measure even the least variations in the measurements and displays digitally. Sensors sensitivity is another point to be noted. It indicates how much the sensors output changes when the measured quantity changes. Sensors can be used with verniar interfaces.

A good sensor must obey certain rules. They are listed under. It should be sensitive to measured property and insensitive to others, it should not influence the measured property. It should be designed so that must be linear in nature. An ideal sensor means, the output signal should be directly proportional to the measured quantity. The ideal sensor wouldn’t possess all these characters and its sensitivity will be much low

Different types of sensors are acoustic, sound, vibration, automotive, transportation, chemical etc. Sensors are small devices that can be used with large equipments with definite functions. It founds innumerable applications in all the fields of science and technology. So let’s conclude a sensor as a small magic device that can be encapsulated in different equipments for various different functions.


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