Thursday, October 22, 2009



It is the method normally called home networking through which we are capable of interconnecting computers. This networking uses excited AC wire and power outlets to transmit the desired data to homes and different offices. Powerline networking allows sharing web access, printers, PC drives with all the existing wires, that means no new wires are needed to interconnect. Power line is one of the efficient methods for interconnecting computers. It uses electrical wiring in our house to create a network.

The main and key advantage of powerline networking is the PCs need not be put near the phone outlets instead the devices are connected through electrical output. We can’t start networking just by plugging in. Power line networking is based on Alliance home plug 1.o standard. With this type of networking we can interlink all the devices in our home without interrupting the working of each device.

As said earlier no extra wire is need for this networking. It uses standard plug or outlet to interlink and hence it is possible to access any where at home. It is easy to connect with Ethernet. Ethernet is a standard protocol for transferring data to and fro. Another notable feature is this type of networking provides maximum bandwidth and variable frequency band. This is the cheapest method for connecting different devices locating in various rooms.

IN this type of networking electrical power is transmitted over high voltage lines and distributed in low voltage lines. Proprietary specifications for power line home networking have been developed by a number of different companies within the framework. Power line communication modems are available for the data transfer. So lets conclude power line networking as one of the efficient and fabulous methods to interconnect computers.

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